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Начала исполнение своего челленджа с курса физиологии. Вот результаты сегодняшних получаса - первый конспект. Я конспектирую не все подряд, а то, что лично мне нужно для структуризации знаний. На английском потому, что переводить спец. терминологию я не берусь - я же ее не знаю на русском.

- Plasma is the liquid part of the blood. It is 1/12 of the total body weight.
- K and Na balance between different liquid compartments is vital. Compartments are:
- ICF - Inside cells (more K, less Na)
- ECF - Outside of cells (more Na, less K)
-- IV - Inside blood vessels
-- IS - Between blood vessels and cells (it’s usually connecting tissues in between)
- Between IV and IS boundaries are leaky, K and Na are the same, no energy required to maintain the state - Equillibrium.
- Between ICF and ECF boundaries are also leaky, but K and Na need to be different, that requires energy to maintain the state (using ATPose pumps) - Steady state.
- ECF is the buffer zone in terms of keeping conditions in the body inside boundaries where cells can function. The process of maintaining ECF parameters relatively constant is called Homeostasis.
- Brain takes input from sensors, compares it against set points (a set of conditions required for normal functioning of cells) and if necessary sends correcting signals to the body to bring parameters to norm.
- Brain and heart always take precedence over other organ systems. It means that when body is unable to maintain conditions everywhere, it will prioritize. There is a cost of maintaining homeostasis (e.g. you eat salty diet -> you drink more water to dilute Na -> your blood volume increases -> more pressure in cardiovascular system).

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